Boating & Marinas

Boat Rentals

Boat Rentals are available at most of the marinas listed above.

Try the Carefree Boat Club at Lakeshore Marina on Watauga Lake with an alternative to renting. They offer shared boat ownership that enables you to have access to a boat without buying it. There’s an initiation fee plus a monthly fee that provides access to a boat when you need it.

Boating Courtesy and Safety

  • Safety Equipment: You should carry this safety equipment in your boat: a wearable and properly-sized personal floatation device for each rider; a whistle or horn, a fire extinguisher, a flat throwable flotation cushion, your boat rental agreement (if applicable) and your boat registration certificate. Children under 14 should always wear a personal floatation device.
  • No Wake Zones: Within 50 feet of shore, another boat, a swimmer, a dock, or a no-wake zone (indicated by no-wake buoys) you are required by law to operate your boat at your boat’s lowest possible navigable forward speed.
  • Other Rules and Regulations: Please review TWRA’s online boating information (including regulations) carefully before you boat at Watauga! You can get a copy at any marina.


947 Piercetown Rd, Butler, TN
Cove Ridge Marina on Watauga Lake. Beautiful waters is the meaning of Watauga in the Native Ame...
105 Cowan Town Rd, Butler, Tennessee 37640
Pioneer Landing is the easternmost marina on Watauga Lake. It is a special place for many visitor...
2285 US-321, Hampton, TN 37658
Lakeshore Resort on beautiful Watauga Lake in Northeast Tennessee offers a full service marina, b...
1700 Sink Valley Rd, Butler, TN. 37640
Tilawa Marina is a medium sized Marina and RV/Camping destination. As the new owners, we are dedi...
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